New Frequency for BBC World News on Nilesat is 11765.84 H 27500 5/6 the person latter disappointed me but I find it interesting now beginning to learn more through Internet I find it interesting. décembre 2, 2019 Daniel PITMAN. Below are the requirements from getting Tstv free to air channels on any FTA decoder. @Ighos: it depends on the FTA you are referring to. Men for six years now I have been off from satellite world due to school, thank God am back and here today to say Hi to my pal Lemmymorgan and also ask on how to do it right with Yayi TV . @Joel Wnadamihya: You will need to do a physical training as an apprentice under a professional installer. hay whats up please add me up in any of ur whats app group. @Nyonator: you can get it by following this guidePredetermine the size of dish/antenna to be used for any Satellite TV packages here: I want to ask if I can unlock Dtv channels, Hello lemmy l’m new here and i want u tell me more details about Qbox premium FTA, @frank: nigcomsat on small dishes and Hotbird on big dishes. We have Eutelsat 7a, 7b, 7c, and Africa. I want to open PTV Sports on BISS encryption. Thanks. Lebanon TV TV is a satellite television broadcasts General Programs from General, Lebanon TV channel is transmitting en mode Clear by the frequency and the parameters below if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav3n=MSFPpreload("../_derived/back_cmp_tsn010_back.gif"); MSFPnav3h=MSFPpreload("../_derived/back_cmp_tsn010_back_a.gif"); } And I equally used Qsat (Q13g) it same and at the same time can’t find the Satelite name ” Azerspace 2 or Interest 38″ as aforementioned , and the worst issue is that whenever I start tracking the decoder will start rebooting itself, have tried all the decoders same issues but qsat does not reboot often like the strong decoders. Please Help This Will Go Alongway Sir. What would i do sir to get their fta channels, Pls it’s important I reach you, I need your service. The state has lost on My str 4669x. In the past, let’s say from 2012 to 2016. Am in Lagos, Nigeria. Thank you. Nilesat103 TV Thanks, Hi Lemy I was tricked into buying one decoder powersat 777SM . they have no new position at the moment. Good morning Lemmy pls what is the new frequency of Sky Sports 24 and on what band? or similar sites for new frequencies. Please run to the nearest mytv dealer to resubscribe. Please, I need an experience installer in my area PORTHARCOURT. @Isep: read this How to Manually Track a Satellite Dish Network & Frequencies or contact a professional satellite installer for help, Sir please do you have a whasapp number or email I can reach for further discussion and question beyond this scope. We are Looking for Business Sponsorship or Marketing } Get it on Media 7 together with 1990, Volta1, Channel I and a host of entertaining channels. I bought a new TV (Nasco Tv 43″) and its supposed to come with satalite tv. 11270. Hence some people believe that even if they get a device that is designed to circumvent pay-TV subscriptions, they are using an FTA receiver. Also,  FTA channels are that they are prone to volatility and instability. Technically, wider parabola dishes is a precursor to getting a larger number of free-to-air channels. For the purpose of every newbie reading this, please proceed to my article on how you can track a dish manually. Also, hope you are using a pure FTA decoder as opposed to an IKS decoder? @Jacob: most MBC channels are in Arabic. })();